Thinking Beyond Facebook: Marketing in the Data-Sharing Era

by Angela Yang

Director of Connections at T3, Angela Yang, was interviewed by eMarketer about marketing strategy and the ongoing scandals around Facebook’s questionable data-sharing practices. In this brief interview, Angela responds to the advertising industry’s fears that Facebook engagement will decrease with user apprehension on the rise. The scandal puts many brands into nervous mindsets as they focus on what is to be done moving forward. “The attitude right now is, ‘Now what?,” says Angela. “How are we thinking beyond just Facebook?’”

Will Facebook learn from its mistakes? In May, Facebook extended a security check from publishers to brands “to ensure that ads are actually linking back to a website and there’s ownership over the content on that site.” Angela notes in the interview that Facebook is also creating content blacklists in order to prevent some ads from coming through at all. Expanding on a conversation from March about marketers’ new interests with Facebook, Angela reassured eMarketer that with the new protocol rolled out by Facebook, marketers are taking a closer look to make sure ads fall in line with Facebook’s changes. She mentions that marketers should be examining other social platforms that will partner well with Facebook, allowing for a well-rounded media mix. She explains, “It’s important for everyone to consider their audience’s data and think about how they can create a better digital ecosystem.”

Stay tuned for a longer interview coming soon with eMarketer.

Angela Yang

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